ICYMI: The Atlantic mocked for revising headline asking if it’s ‘safe’ to hang out with the ‘unboosted’

December 8, 2021

The Atlantic was ribbed after it changed an article originally titled, “Is it Safe to Hang Out with the Unboosted”’ to “How to Socialize Safely in the Booster Era,” in a piece focused on how to deal with Americans who haven’t had their coronavirus booster shots.

Independent Substack journalist and New York Times bestselling author Glenn Greenwald issued his reaction on Twitter, mocking The Atlantic for the headline revision and suggesting how the outlet’s approach would change next year. 

Several other social media users, including former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright, mocked The Atlantic by coining the term, “Pandemic of the Unboosted.”

The article dives into what it means to be fully vaccinated, and how that has and will continue to change based on the CDC’s booster shot recommendations. 

“Now what it means to be vaccinated encompasses much more variety,” the article states. “Some people who have gotten their initial doses haven’t gotten a booster dose, and some people mixed and matched the brands of their first shots and their booster. What’s more, everyone is on their own personal timeline, depending on when they got their shots.”