Unsilenced Majority Statement on Gigi Sohn’s Withdrawal from FCC Nomination

March 7, 2023

WASHINGTON — Mike Davis, Founder and President of Unsilenced Majority, issued the following statement after Gigi Sohn, President Biden’s nominee to serve on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), withdrew her nomination in the wake of rocky nomination hearings:

“Gigi Sohn attempted for years to cancel conservatives and her actions ended up dooming her nomination. Sohn’s outlandish stances, like defunding the police and attempting to force conservatives off the air entirely, made even the most fervent Democrats nervous about her nomination and potential tenure on the FCC.

“Freedom of speech lives another day, and conservatives can breathe a little easier now that they won’t have someone looking for an excuse to censor them while working at a federal agency as important as the FCC.”

Mike Davis is the founder and president of Unsilenced Majority, an organization dedicated to opposing cancel culture and fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers.