Key Issues

Cancel Culture In Education

Conservatives have warned for decades of the perils of left-wing fascism on campus. From campus speech codes to student mobs blocking conservative guest speakers to curricula more focused on woke indoctrination than actual learning, campuses across the country are out of control, abandoning their core missions and brainwashing the next generation of leaders. Campuses that foster fragile minds incapable of free thought or open dialogue result in a weaker country incapable of addressing problems logically and in accordance with our founding values. 

Conservatives’ concerns about what was happening on campuses across the country were dismissed for years by the mainstream media—and many on the intellectual right who failed to recognize the dangers in letting anti-Americanism fester unanswered. We’re now seeing the result of that failure to act. And it’s not just more student book burnings—it’s Big Tech CEOs silencing their political opponents and censoring speech of which they disprove. Those same left-wing extremists who silenced their peers on campus through intimidation now control the levers of corporate power in America. 

The virulent intolerance has now been passed down to our K-12 education system, where students, teachers, and parents are being canceled in their communities for everything from a juvenile remark to opposing the same far-left curricula that has been present in colleges for years.

If conservatism—and by extension America—is to survive, we must fight back against campus cancel culture.