Key Issues

Corporate Wokeism

There’s no doubt that those on the far left are masters of grassroots organizing. Barack Obama graduated college and became a community organizer. Donald Trump graduated business school and went into real estate development. Left-wing activists take to the street in protest, the rest of America goes to work. This dynamic has left conservatives and even traditional liberals woefully unprepared to fight back against the woke mob on behalf of the majority of Americans who are peacefully living their lives. 

The truth is that behind the woke mob is a highly organized, sophisticated network of wealthy individuals who create cancel culture pressure campaigns to influence the largest of American private sector institutions. The result is that corporate America—and all the power and money at its disposal—has functionally become a wing of the radical left and its new prisoner, the Democrat Party. This is devastating to the cause of freedom, liberty and American values. Big Tech, Big Business, Big Media and Big Government are teaming up to tear down this country and rebuild it in the radical left’s image. 

It’s time to hold these companies accountable in the only way they understand: their bottom line. Americans must apply equal pressure by hitting them where it hurts so that they pay a price for their corporate wokeism. And patriotic American companies that don’t succumb to the woke mob deserve an army of allies. Conservatives, traditional liberals, and all commonsense Americans deserve to know that their hard-earned money isn’t going to woke corporate causes. Only by eliminating the financial incentive for corporate America to give into cancel culture will we rebalance our democracy in favor of citizens.