Key Issues

Worker Firings

Over the past several years, we have seen a major rise in people losing their jobs for political activity and publicly shared opinions. Major corporations, universities, and schools have become so hostile to their employees’ inalienable rights that people are afraid to speak for fear of losing their job and ability to make a living. Cancel culture is turning this age-old system of personal progress on its head, poisoning our society, widening our divisions and destroying lives and livelihoods. With the advent of social media and smart phones, every American is one vocalized opinion away from being fired, their life ruined and their reputation left in tatters. Making matters worse, the cancel culture mob is digging up age-old comments, even from people’s teenage years, and weaponizing it to pressure employers into firing private citizens. 

This vicious, unfair and cruel targeting of private citizens for saying or doing whatever the woke left deems unacceptable is turning neighbor against neighbor in a way that would make Soviet and Chinese Communist Party secret informants blush.  America’s veterans, young professionals, and hard workers of every age shouldn’t have their lives turned upside down by the woke mob. And just as importantly, employers shouldn’t succumb to the woke mob’s pressure. It’s time to dial down the temperature and not punish everyday Americans based on whatever newly contrived standard the woke left feels like inventing. The American worker needs a fighter to defend their integrity and reputation from the woke mob’s cancel culture.